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                产品介绍 / Products Detail

                执行标准:Implementation of the standards:

                1)本产品按GB/T12706-2008设计制造。1) This product is designed and manufactured according to GB/T12706-2002.
                2)阻燃电力电缆按企业标准制造,2) flame retardant power cable accordance with the standards of production enterprises, 
                其中阻燃特性符合GB/T18380.3的要求。flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements GB/T18380.3.
                3)耐火电力电缆按企业标准制造,其中耐火特性符合GB/T12666.6要求。3) fire-resistant power cables manufactured according TO corporate standards,
                其中耐火特性符合GB/T12666.6要求。 including fire-resistant characteristics meet GB/T12666.6 requirements.
                主要特性 characteristic

                1)电缆导体长期允许工作温度不超过70℃。1) Long-term allowable working temperature of cable conductor does not exceed 70 .
                   短路时(最长持续时间不超过5秒),    Circuit is blocked(the longest duration of no more than 5 seconds),
                   电缆导体的最高温度不超过160℃;    The conductor temperature does not exceed 160 ;
                2)敷设电缆时的环境温度应不低于0℃,2) While installation the ambient temperature should not be less than 0
                   低于0℃时应先预热。     lower than 0 should be preheated.

                   最小弯曲半径不小于电缆外径,单芯电缆无铠装20倍,     Minimum bending radius of not less than  cable diameter, single-core cables without armor 20 times
                有铠装15倍。三芯电缆无铠装15倍,有铠装12倍。    There with armor-cable 15 times.Three-core cables without armor 15 times, There with armor-cable 12 times
                3)导体直流电阻应符合GB/T3956的规定。3) DC resistance of conductor shall comply with the provisions of GB/T3956.
                4)工频耐电压试验:3.5kV/5min不击穿。4) Power frequency withstand voltage test: 3.5kV/5min without breakdown.
                主要用途main use

                本产品适用于交流额定电压0.6/1kV的线路中,This product is suitable for AC rated voltage 0.6/1kV the circuit,Transmission of electrical energy used.
                供输、配电能用。阻燃电力电缆适用于要求阻燃的场合。Flame retardant power cable is suitable  Installed in fire-retardant demanding situations.
                耐火电力电缆适用于高层建筑、大型商场等人口密集地区。Resistant power cable for high-rise buildings, shopping malls and other densely populated areas.
                阻燃特性:Retardant performance:

                1)阻燃电缆能经受GB/T18380.3规定的成束燃烧试验,1 Retardant cable can withstand GB/T18380.3 prescribed bunched burning test,
                2)切燃烧时烟浓度符合GB/T17651.1的规定、2Smoke density in accordance with the requirements of GB/T17651.1,
                3)燃烧析出气体中HCL含量应≤100mg/g。3Combustion gases  precipitated HCL content should be ≤ 100mg / g.
                4)耐火电缆能经受GBA/T12666.6规定耐火试验。4resistant cable  can withstand GBA/T12666.6 fire test   requirements.